Gnarly! Staff Series: Melvin Rodas

Feb 22



Hello world! As you know by now we really love (sometimes obsessed) to interact with you guys ,so we thought of how you can get to know us (Team HQ) more. Instead of your typical social media takeover, we decided to why not feature a certain team member every week.

We are proud to launch the Gnarly! interview series which would serve as our platform to let you guys not only get to know more of our talents but to showcase to you those people behind our success as a brand. So what are we waiting for right? Let’s get it started with our first one folks!

For our first feature, we’re going to pay homage to the guys responsible for the designs on your shirts (that are pretty clean aight?) . Ladies and Gentlemen here is: Melvin

Melvin has been with the Gnarly! since 2008 and probably most of you would ask how the hell did he get into the team? So here are our questions and his answers:

Dirv: How did you come to start working for Gnarly?

Melvin: “I actually got into Gnarly! because of my passion for sneakers. Back then, I would buy my sneakers from them and I got to know EJ. But it wasn’t until EJ discovered my portfolio that was posted online. From then on, I got to work as part of the team which I am still a member of.”

After that question we candidly stare at the man’s clean pair of sneakers.

Dirv: What had been your inspiration/s for the designs you have done for Gnarly!.

Melvin: Actually at first it was hard for me to mesh well with EJ’s ideas since I am more of a minimalist while EJ likes wacky and playful designs. But as time went on, we got our wits about and started to actually agree on the design inputs.

Dirv: What were the designs you had the most fun with?

Melvin: I really loved doing the Gnarly! wooden logo. The funny thing was, it was a last ditch effort cause me and EJ still haven’t agreed on a design. As the deadline drew nearer,  I proposed it to EJ and luckily he liked it as much as I did.  Another set of designs I really enjoyed doing were the snapback caps  (referring to the Set the trend and Fudge designs) since it came out really good.  It was another deadline breaking idea we just came up with.


Dirv:  What type of designs would you like to be released by Gnarly! in the future?

Melvin: Definitely the Gnarly! premium collection. It’ll be sleek and sophisticated but with a touch of Gnarly! I actually designed the logo that would be used for the collection (referring to the G! logo he modified) and I also believe that once we release those (especially the caps), that would be something that can attract a new set of customers while surprising our patrons.

Before we concluded the interview, we just had to ask Melvin:

Dirv: Team Fudge or Team Gremgnar?

Melvin:  FUDGE (yes he answered Fudge with his voice raising it’s tempo) cause he is cute and lovable. He is someone you see as a bit more sophisticated and subtle, but not like some guy in a corporate setting. Fudge really does embody what we would like to see. It’s not like I’m saying I don’t like Gremgnar but I really do prefer Fudge since I see myself more in him.

So guys and gals there you have it and could you give another round of applause for Melvin!!

That concludes our pilot offering but do stick around cause we ain’t done just yet as we would feature another fellow team member next week.

By the way even though Fudge here can’t still tie his laces he would like to express his thanks to you guys while also munching on his burger.


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