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Sep 26



Article by our homegirl Jed Silvestre for CLAVEL 

Whacked out fun books. Star Wars must-read literature. Vintage-framed movie posters. A Darth Vader poster asking you to enlist. Atari consoles in brand new, working condition, SEGA game players, an iCade for your iPad, Donkey Kong Jenga, a Mario Chess set. Fun mugs. A banana umbrella (you gotta see it to believe it). Stink bombs. Bacon Lollipops. Apparel from your favorite local streetwear brands. Drinking caps. Bongs. Rolling paper. Whoopee Cushions. Casio watches. Bacon. Bacon and more bacon!


I could add over a hundred more things to this list and that would probably amount to just half of what’s in store for you at Parafreaq. The tres Reyes brothers JM, EJ, and Jason are the co-owners of this geek hub heaven and have coined the name Parafreaq from two words: paraphernalia and freak. Their affinity for crazy, vintage toys and nonsensical thingamabobs that tend to be the coolest things you’ve ever seen is obvious in the wide selection of items in the store.

At the 2nd floor of V-Mall in Greenhills, Parafreaq is very hard to miss. EJ Reyes told us everything we wanted to know about Parafreaq.The one thing you gotta love about it is that Parafreaq is a store that doesn’t have a whole lotta direction or clarity or meaning…because it’s simply a whole lotta plain, damn fun!

What is Parafreaq?

Parafreaq is a startup retail brand, opened in December 2012, which offers the craziest and coolest products that you could ever think of. To tell you the truth, we just haven’t seen anything similar to what we have. This led us wanting to appeal to all unique people in the Metro. We also needed a place where we can showcase Gnarly!‘s latest collection. Why did we choose Greenhills? It’s just simply the melting pot of various cultures here in the Philippines. We wouldn’t be thinking right if we put it anywhere else.

What’s the story behind the name?

We wanted a name that can be indirectly connected to the words unique and different. The story’s pretty simple! My brothers and I are pretty crazy when it comes to vintage, nasty and fun stuff. We wanted to share what we believe in, so we all decided to put up a brand that represents just that.

What made you decide to put up a store like this?

Because we haven’t seen anything like it. We, as brothers, believe that this store can showcase the individualism of a geek. We try to offer and curate products that are suited to make every walk-in customer insane.


What is the initial reaction of customers when they come in?

Aside from the fact that they have never seen anything like what we have, we believed that the store could unlock your inner child.

What kind of patrons does Parafreaq have?

Geeks and just geeks! And probably hipsters too.

Where do you get the special, unique, and classic items?

We get them from like-minded geeks around the globe. For our clothing, we support all the up and coming brands around the Philippines that are surely getting its own following.

Does Parafreaq have something for the tech-y people?

We will start offering arcade machines from the 80’s and 90’s!

What are you favorite items from Parafreaq?

Gnarly! And our latest bongs and pipes! We also carry vintage framed movie posters! Must sees!

Can people order for certain items?

We’re working on it. For now, they just have to drop by the store. We’re also releasing the new website this year! We want everyone to experience and understand Parafreaq on a subjective level.

Are there any items that Parafreaq will NEVER carry?

Sex toys. Or we’ll probably carry it too. We’re quite unsure. Paraphernalia rin kasi, eh. Sayang. (laughs)

What’s the best compliment you’ve had from a customer?

“Ang daming choices! Hindi ko alam [kung] ano’ng uunahin ko!” Parafreaq is here to stay. We are here to simply blow your mind.

What else will Parafreaq be offering for this year?

We’re focusing on introducing the latest technologies on smoking bongs, Vapes and pipes.

Got plans for expansion?

We’re planning to open a new store this year! A micro version of our store in Greenhills.

Name three things we can be excited about Parafreaq.

The new Parafreaq store, Parafreaq.com [geek online magazine] and customized arcade machines.

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