The Insane, Masterful Mind of JP Cuison

Mar 06



To artists and graphic illustrators, this guy needs no introduction – his name is god. Even in the world of advertising, where he disguises himself as Senior Art Director of a prestigious agency on the weekdays, he has left his mark. On the weekends during his downtime is when he allows his creative forces to take over with zero interference; some of his best art is made here. 

We at Gnarly! feel it would be a great injustice not to share the amazing work of the JP Cuison to the Gnarliverse cos his art, without doubt, strongly influences street wear and the Gnarly! way of living.

Let us take you on a trip down our JP memory lane.

We first laid eyes on Master JP’s art back in 2006 during band gigs happening at Cubao Expo. His way of creating vintage pop art gig posters, which were all the rage during this period, caught our attention. For us, his gig posters repped the golden age of comics, inspired by American comic book artist and legend Jack Kirby. Not only did he make his presence known through his drawings but JP was also vocalist of the band Kiko Machine.

Some eye candy for ya! Here is one of his awesome gig posters:

Then in 2010, we came face to face again with another one of his creations, PUNXX KOMIX, at the Summer Comicon Convention in UP Diliman. PUNXX KOMIX was JP’s take on the popular 70’s-90’s kiddie comic, FUNNY KOMIX, with his signature parody twist. The Komix presented adult subjects like sex, drugs, and gore in a kiddo-ish way. In short, not at all for kids. Or for the faint of heart. That’s why we got attracted to it. Obviously.

Flash forward to 2015 and JP Cuison is now a household name whose art has become very visible in everyday living thanks to his passion for his craft. Being in the advertising world has also helped him collaborate with various brands.

From sold out art exhibits at Secret Fresh to collaborations with brands such as Bratpack and Subway Singapore to mention a few; he’s come a very long way from the day we first saw his gig posters back in Cubao Expo. But one thing’s for sure: he’s just getting started. Expect to see more of the insane, masterful mind of JP Cuison in the days to come. 

JP Cuison x Bratpack

JP Cuison for Subway

Did we mention he even has a legit cartoon now? Meet his characters, Buzztro and Jarvis the albino bat! They’re the same characters used in his Subway collaboration. You’ll be seeing more of these dude here at Gnarly!

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