Gnarly! Staff Series: Quatro Los Banos

Feb 27




What’s up guys? Here’s the second installment of our Gnarly! Interview Series. Today we are featuring Quatro Los Banos.

Quatro is one of our resident artists here in the HQ. Aside from his artworks, he is well known for his upbeat personality and creative ideas.

Here’s our interview with Quatro:

Dirv: How long have you been with Gnarly!?

Quatro: I became a part of the team last December; EJ sent me a message on Facebook and asked for my portfolio. After he saw my designs, he invited me here at the HQ for a short meeting. Once the meeting was done, he hired me and I was formally introduced into the team.

Dirv: What inspires you whenever you go and create a design?

Quatro: I usually get my inspiration from a lot of sources including my past works. In terms of artists that I admire, the list includes Munk One, Alex Pardee, Sucklord and Skinner; although I have to admit their works are of a separate genre than the one we use here at Gnarly!

Another big influence regarding my style is street art, since I also do graffiti during my free time. When it comes to pop culture, I get inspired by comics especially with how artists draw the characters in a vivid manner.

Dirv: What type of collections and designs would you like to do for Gnarly! in the future?

Quatro: Nothing in particular, but personally, I’d like to see a lot of wild designs that scream out loud.


Dirv: Finally, Fudge or Gremgnar?

Quatro: Definitely Fudge, because whenever someone mentions the brand they always think of him. I also like to tinker with him since I love characters that are rotund and adorable.

So that caps off this week’s edition of the Gnarly! Interview Series; stay tuned for another interview next week featuring our team members here in the HQ.

  • Piercethekyle

    sir FOUR :)) (y) schoolmate ko yan!!!!

  • AJ Calzada

    Always been a fan of Gnarly’s designs. Two thumbs up sir!

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