What’s up, dude? Do you have a size chart?
Yo, bro! For each and every product, there’s a specific size chart. Just check their individual pages! We got yo back all the way!

Those size charts are hella helpful! Well, is _________ still available?
As apologetic as a grandpa stealing candy from a baby, the designs you see in our store are all we have. No worries, though! We’re always adding new designs for your convenience!

I’m worried I’ll order the wrong size! Will I be able to replace it?
Unfortunately, once you ordered your size, replacing it is just not possible anymore. This is why we got the size chart, dude! So problems like this won’t exist. Hehe. Don’t worry tho. Before you order, we’ll make sure to help you choose the perfect size for you.

But… do you give refunds?
No idea why you would let go of such a killer product… but we don’t offer refunds. BUT… if we shipped the wrong size to ya, you can have it replaced with any item with the same price. If there’s no item with the same price, let us know. We can talk about that!

Darn it! Don’t you have a store near my place? I’m nervous to order online!
Our online store is one of the best in the country – along with our customer service! We do have Parafreaq, our concept store if you’re really looking for a physical store. Located on the 2nd floor of V-Mall, Greenhills in San Juan, it’s positioned just behind Toy Kingdom.

No need to be nervous! Remember that we’re here for your convenience, man! We want your life as easy as possible so we’re here 24/7 to make sure your online shopping experience is A-OK! It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or your hundredth time, we guarantee a super awesome experience!

Holy moly! I’m excited. How do you frickin’ order?!?!
Here’s how you order, you curious monster! Make sure to follow all the steps, ayt? Click the link, dude: http://gnarly.clothing/2014/07/6-easy-steps-to-order-online/

Oh no! How do I input my address? I iz confused, dude.
No worries. We’re here to clarify the s**t out of your problem! You’ll see three address-related text boxes. Street address, city and state/province. In the street address text box, just input your house number AND street name – like so: “69a Gremgnar St.” Next is the city! I guess that’s pretty self-explanatory, man! Just write in your city!

Lastly, the state/province box is the state and/or province where you live! Just to clarify: it’s not your family’s province! So, if you live in MNL, you just input Metro Manila! If you live in Dasmarinas, just input Cavite! Phew… that was long! Let’s move on, dude!

WAW! So informative, dude. I’m ready to pay now! How do I do it?!
We have five different payment methods you can choose from, man! BPI and BDO Bank Deposit, Palawan Express, LBC and, available only in Metro Manila, Cash on freakin’ Delivery! WOOT!We just want to remind you that you should check your e-mail right after ordering for the next steps. This is really important! Follow it, and you’ll get your order in no time!

If you got any more questions, hit us up. We’ll answer ‘em with enthusiasm and love (whut?!)

Cash on Delivery?! Are you serious!? Where should I live to avail these services?

Simply put, dude, these are the ONLY places where Cash on Delivery is available. COD-UP

But, hey! Don’t hesitate to ask if you’re not sure. We’re happy to answer all your questions.

NICE! I just bought and paid for a product… where should I send the payment slip?
It’s as easy as spelling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Just e-mail a photo of your payment slip alongside your valid ID to transactions@gnarly.ph. Remember, you can’t send it to our Facebook account since it’ll just mess up the whole system. If you don’t have an e-mail account, go ahead and contact us and let’s resolve your problem together as friends. YAY! NEW FRIEND!

WAIT! How much is your shipping fee?
We have good news… AND BETTER NEWS… AND EVEN BETTER NEWS! Good news is we offer FREE shipping for erbody cos we awesome. Better news? We ship door-to-door NATIONWIDE! Even better news? We have CASH ON DELIVERY in MNL!

Oh, man… I just wanted to try to order but it was processed! I’m so shy to tell you guys I’m not really interested in buying now… and your courier is on my way to the house. Oh no…
Oh, no. How unfortunate. But, it’s okay, dude! We’re hoping you learned from your lesson though! Because when you do that, you hurt us a lot. With every wrong purchase, our good friends from the operations and sales department have an intensely hard time trying to fix it. Some even do overtime just to complete the work!

Truly enough, we are all good friends in this world! We’re hoping this won’t happen often because we know you care. After all, we give absolutely great customer service so we expect absolutely great customers! Thanks, dude.

Okay, dude. We’re going to be the best customers ever. OMG. I’m so psyched! When will the item arrive on my doorstep?
Pretty quick, if you ask me! It’s three to five working days! You should be expecting a call or text from our courier between those days for confirmation of your order. If they don’t contact you, let us know. We’ll help you out!

Sorry to ask, but what’s a working day?
Hey, it’s no problem! We love people askin’ questions. A working day is also called a business day. Basically, don’t consider Sunday and holidays a day. Ayt?

You’re the coolest, brotha! I wanna ask you more questions and suggest some ideas, how do I do this?
Because we love makin’ sure the community feels geeeeewwwdddd, you can message us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/gnarliestpage) or hit us up on our text line (0915-195-0209). We listen to all advice – good OR bad!

Hey, man… you’ve been really helpful! It seems like it’ll be fun to join your staff as an intern or employee. How do we make this happen?
Feels good to hear someone say that! It’ll be fun to add more people to our interesting and crazy group of besties. E-mail your resume to info@gnarly.ph! We’ll check it out and get back to you A.S.A.P!

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