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2008 feels like a distant memory with the speed of news and turn of events that followed the year. Right now everything seems so fast and with the popularity of the internet, everyone can access any information across time and space. This enhances an anxious atmosphere where you can’t even properly remember what trend was last year and what was decades ago. So now we take the time to slow down and look back. 13 years from the said year, we examine some of the key moments we feel strongly about. These events and products have defined the entertainment, sports, and fashion industries and have set the bar for the next batch of makers to look up to. 

Let’s take a trip back to memory lane, g.

13) Trese

The now popular anime series Trese was first known for its comic series that won numerous awards for its unique storyline and illustrations. Trese follows Alexandra Trese as she deals with supernatural cases in Manila as a detective and Babaylan-Mandirigma (Shaman-Warrior).

Trese gained popularity because of its depiction of Filipino mythology and Filipino pop culture. Creators Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo will go on to produce more books and an eventual TV series with this creation. In 2008, Budjette Tan opened Stories from the Diabolical, an online series of stories he couldn’t fit on the main story. This series allowed Trese to be introduced to a wider audience and notably one of the pioneering comic series to take advantage of the online space.

Trese X Gnarly

12) Iron Man

To kick off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the studio first introduced Iron Man. The movie was light and easy going without sacrificing a good story. Later on, this movie became the foundation of an anthology of movies that shifted the film industry with its box office and popular successes. Iron Man features Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard, and Jon Favreau who also directed the movie. RDJ will go on to be one of Hollywood’s top-billed names with this role and a pop culture icon and Iron Man became one of the favorite superheroes by everyone. You’re lying if you said you don’t know the line.

Iron Man X Gnarly

11) Grand Theft Auto IV

2008 was also a good year for gaming with releases like Grand Theft Auto IV that pushed the boundaries of video games. The game was released on PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 and has sold millions of copies over the years. GTA IV was generally well-received thanks to its responsive gameplay, vastness, and high quality of execution.

Grand Theft Auto V x Gnarly

10) 808s & Heartbreak

Kanye West tried something new in his musical career by embracing the autotune and a style that favors humming and a sing-song nature. 808s & Heartbreak also serves as Kanye’s way to artistically cope with his personal problems, having lost his mom and calling off engagement with long-term girlfriend Sumeke Rainey. The album feels honest and vulnerable, showing a rare side of the artist. Kanye tagged Kaws and now-established names like Virgil Abloh to make the album cover.

Our favorites include “Say You Will”, “Heartless”, and “Street Lights”. 

808s & Heartbreak X Gnarly

9) Boston Celtics wins 17th Championship

The big three of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen led the Celtics to win their 17th NBA Championship against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. The series ended with a 4-2 result, having close games with margins of 6 to 10 points. In Game 6, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen put up 26 points each to secure a comfortable lead against the Lake Show.

This will be the only championship the legendary trio ever had. Kobe led the Lakers to a back-to-back championship in 2009 against the Orlando Magic and in 2010 with a Celtics Finals rematch.

8) Lewis Hamilton wins first F1 Championship

A legend in the making in Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton currently sits at seven world championships equalling Michael Schumacher’s trophy count. But you know, you never forget your first, especially if it was won by a single point.

Lewis almost bested teammate Fernando Alonso in the year prior and set out to acquire the championship at the age of 23. The 2008 F1 season was a tight competition up until the last race at the Brazilian Grand Prix. In Interlagos, Lewis only had to finish P5 in order to beat Felipe Massa of Scuderia Ferrari for his very first championship.

A few years later, Lewis Hamilton joined Mercedes AMG Petronas and began a dominant era in modern F1.

7) Air Jordan XX3

Jordan Brand released its 23rd edition, lining up with Michael Jordan’s legendary number. The sneaker was designed by no other than Tinker Hatfield who designed familiar silhouettes prior. For the sneaker, Tinker went for a dress shoe appearance with smoothly polished panels all over the shoe.

What’s more to say that it was a big deal?

6) App Store

Apple first introduced the App Store in 2008, ushering in a time of smartphones that could do everything. Initially, the apps offered were experimental and odd. The leading apps downloaded in 2008 were “Koi Pond”, “Pocket Guitar”, and “iBeer”. Now the App Store is a major part of the Apple ecosystem and apps, in general, are key in experiencing personal devices.

Apple X Gnarly

5)  Pastelle

Kanye’s late 2000’s fashion sense involves a lot of colors, tight proportions, and flashy graphics. These elements were central to Pastelle, a brand teased by the artist in 2008. 

The buzz started when Kanye wore a Pastelle varsity jacket at the American Music Awards in November 2008. The people were mesmerized by the design of the jacket particularly its soft color palette that contrasted the masculine shape of the garment. This balance is a theme for this defunct line and Kanye called and emailed A-list individuals that will carry this vision. From jewelers to sunglass manufacturers and creative directors, West tapped a pool of talent in a time way ahead of the collaborative norm these days. 

After some issues with Kanye’s public image, he focused on his music and dropped the line altogether. And maybe the fact that it did not get out of 2008 keeps Pastelle alive.

4) Swag era of streetwear

An era not everyone is proud to look back at, the Swag era was defined by lousy snapbacks, tight t-shirts, tighter jeans, and a swaggy attitude. Let’s move on. 

3) Bright-colored short sleeved t-shirts

There is no agreed-upon name for this trend but you know what we’re talking about. These t-shirts have bright colors, a sleeve that is maybe an inch shorter than standard, and a slightly fitted look. Pharell wore it, Nigo wore it, and you definitely wore it. It was just the cut and fit of that time. People were wearing it at Christmas parties, family reunions, and everywhere really. 

2) Anything-but-blue jeans

2008 gave that specific moment where blue denim seems to have taken a backseat. Pastel, bright, and even snakeskin jeans were available. People get to experiment on denim and street fashion, in general, have become more easy going and flamboyant.

1) Gnarly! was established

The 2008 moment that beats everything else is the moment where Gnarly! was established. We said what we said. Gnarly! opened shop with a collection few people have noticed. Can’t blame anyone since it was a collection ahead of its time, when streetwear wasn’t even a thing in the country. Since 2008, we have been here and 13 years on, we still work everyday like it’s day one. 

Watch out for this space to learn more about our history.

Gnarly Established 2008

December 05, 2021 — EJ Reyes