Do we have to introduce t-shirts? 

Tshirts X Gnarly

That effortless style in the form of a garment that goes well with almost every occasion and weather. It's that timeless clothing article that has changed fashion for the better as it emphasized comfort contrary to the previous comings and goings of fashion. It is used as a work uniform by some laborers. Artists, brands, and events use it as merchandise that doubles as souvenirs.

It is probably the most common and most accessible form of garment and it just makes sense if you're going to ask us.

Tshirts X Gnarly

T-shirts are a staple to the modern wardrobe, gaining popularity with every fashion subculture and fashion label. From luxury brands to streetwear, t-shirts have become a staple of their collections. And it’s not hard to see why. 

In the Philippines, tees have taken front and center of the scene. A study conducted by PURVEYR noted that most Filipinos buy t-shirts about once every three months and a close percentage buy about once a month. We just love t-shirts and for this article, we’re listing down 10 reasons why this humble clothing has a special place in our hearts. 

10) Comfortable

Comfortable X Gnarly

For most people, comfort is the most important aspect of dressing, and in this regard, t-shirts excel. The traditional 100% cotton or cotton-poly blend t-shirt is just drapey and comfortable, fitting the tropical Philippine weather and the demands of busy everyday life. 

The t-shirt’s fit and cut go well with all body types, too. So its undiscriminating nature makes sure that all bodies get to be comfortable. T-shirts are for everybody. And for every occasion. This leads to the next point, versatility.

9) Versatility

Riding on comfort and simplicity, t-shirts just fit a wide variety of occasions. On an errand? A t-shirt will do. Hanging out with the homies with appropriate social distance? Wear a t-shirt. Date night? A t-shirt could pass. Maybe. One t-shirt can just go about any day. We couldn’t count the days where we don’t really feel like putting up an outfit and a good tee saved the fit. 

Banking on the argument of versatility is extended in style, the t-shirt being a complementary piece for every other clothing. It goes well with denim, trousers, and shorts as well as any outerwear pieces. You can practically wear a t-shirt in a dozen different ways on a hundred different occasions. Quote us. 

8) T-shirts are sentimental

T-shirts serve as a souvenir for an event, a vacation trip, or any special day. It doubles with a sense of nostalgia that helps you reminisce about that fine day. We bet you can recount the backstory with most t-shirts you have, how you got it, and what you did while wearing that t-shirt. 

Nostalgia is also a reason why tees are sought-after collective items. It’s so fun to collect because it is something you can literally put on your body and proudly show on everybody else. And because it’s something you wear proudly, it’s a good way to show the artists, brands, causes, and everything you’re rocking with. 

7) T-shirts are revolutionary

Can you imagine modern life without t-shirts? We ain’t with that.

The humble t-shirt is an innovation in fashion that has completely changed how garments are worn. It is the first clothing article that requires no button or any hardware to be put together. It was invented during the Spanish-American War and when it was invented, we never really looked back. 

The t-shirt also helped usher in a new level of casualwear that we all now enjoy. Without tees, we may still be roaming around with those bloated shirts or something much impractical. So to the people that invented t-shirts, y'all the real g’s!

6) T-shirts are art

Tshirts are art X Gnarly

We said what we said. The clothing you’re probably wearing right now is an art form. T-shirts are unique and got that sauce only people with taste appreciate. wink wink From department store finds to independent labels and luxury brands, there is no shortage of good tees.

Then there are vintage tees, decades-old garments that have been gaining popularity as of recent years. These tees circulate in small batches and got unique characteristics.

Designer t-shirts are great as expected. There is that famous $1000 Lanvin t-shirt that Kanye rapped about, there’s the AIDS awareness tee designed by Maison Margiela, and hundreds of other iconic designs.

5) Options

T-shirts come in a variety of cuts and silhouettes. There is the regular tee, an oversized tee, a long tee, boxy cut, slim cut, and a whole lot more. A smooth transition to our collection, ya favorite brand ain’t afraid to take risks in silhouettes and cuts. Browse our collection and see for yourself. More of that later.

4) It feels honest and unpretentious

You know how it feels when you’re wearing a tee. That feeling like you’re just relaxed and unhurried, able to do whatever you want with ease. You feel us? They’re also meant for you to say what you think, express what you mean, and just be yourself. We don’t need to throw in more words so we’ll wrap it with a nice quote from Virgil Abloh from a GQ interview:

“To me, graphic T-shirts are the most important and most expressive format for a designer or a person. Your taste in graphic tees says a lot about your point of view. I look at them as a canvas, and what I make says tons about my point of view. It's the genre of fashion I come from, and I love the challenge every season of exploring new, cool ways to make a graphic tee. Graphic T-shirts are a form of communication.”

3) Will never go out of style

With everything we said so far, you’re probably convinced about the weight of tees in relevancy. But we’ll further the list by saying that t-shirts are forever. It will never go out of style. That’s a bold statement but it’s something we completely believe in. 

2) Price

Generally, tees fit the budget really well but there is a t-shirt available at any price point from insanely cheap to insanely expensive. The budget really relies on your financial conscience and your personal value to the item. But we know y’all love a good price-to-quality ratio so that sweet, sweet balance of the two has been something most local brands believe in. 

The cost-per-wear angle is also a good argument for our habits of buying tees. These garments can last for generations and you really get your money’s worth if you want to. 

1) It’s what we do best

What We Do Best X Gnarly

We’re getting bolder and bolder but hear us out. For all the reasons said, Filipino brands do t-shirt best. We at Gnarly! do our equal share in pushing the boundaries in local streetwear and fashion. Excuse us for flexing but we’re not shy to take pride in our hardworking team and our solid community. Because of these pillars, we always come through with the gnarliest product done with the best processes. We pull up with the freshest because our community demands us to do so. So we’re segueing this to the article: a thank you all for the constant support and expecting nothing short of the best for us. 

November 29, 2021 — EJ Reyes