Tie Dye X Gnarly

It’s kind of an open secret that everyone loves tie-dye. Some openly love it while others pretend not to. Just like pop music or bread. It’s just the way it is. But how can someone not like tie-dye? The colors, the technique, and the overall style of tie-dye is just *chef’s kiss. This gives any garment a new look and a whole new appeal.

Tie Dye X Gnarly

Tie-dye is a classic look that has arguably surpassed its status as a trend and became a design staple. The technique has been around for decades, peaking in the 60’s where the summer of love and the hippie culture took over. It was a time of anti-war sentiments, Volkswagen buses, and uhm love. Of course, this era is best represented by tie-dye tees in bright colorways and psychedelic overtones.

Gnarly! and our community love tie-dye, like really. Not the brand that brags but y’all better acknowledge that the G! made tie-dye popping lately in the Philippines. And this might be because of that, we just love it. That authenticity and honesty give our tees and hoodies that color and depth.

Tie-dye’s easygoing attitude and optimistic vibes match the Filipino brand of streetwear and our love for the bright and the joyful. This is why dyed garments are one of the most popular products right now. It’s also effortlessly stylish and can go with every other clothing piece from denim to heavy outerwear, making it an ideal choice for this tropical weather. How can you not like that, g?

Adding to our good intentions with the process is a strong-willed team that took the time and effort to perfect this art form.

In Gnarly!

Curious how tie-dye products are made? Just like everything we do, each piece is handled with careful consideration and precise methodology. Like any championship team, our strength lies in our people. We have a number of skilled craftsmen and designers that get the job done. These real g’s handle everything from start to finish and when we say we handle everything from start to finish, we mean from sourcing the fabrics to getting the products to your hands. 

We get that soft cotton blend fabric, cut and sew in that custom fit, and dye expert hands who have been doing this technique for a long time. 

Some of our favorite tie-dye garments are the: Rainbow Dye, Sunflower Dye, and Toxic Dye variants.

Do It Yourself

If you’re feeling creative and you want to try tie-dyeing garments on your own, here’s a short guide.

  1. Ready the garment on a clean surface.

    Step 1 X Tie Dye X Gnayly

  2. Tie it using rubber bands.

    Step 2 X Tie Dye X Gnayly

  3. Submerge in a dye solution.

    Step 3 X Tie Dye X Gnayly

  4. Dry.

    Step 4 X Tie Dye X Gnayly

This process can be repeated for multiple colors and the pattern can be changed however you like. Go hard! Don’t forget to share us what you made via our Facebook group. We love it when our homies get their creative juice flowin.

October 15, 2021 — EJ Reyes